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Based on a lifelong interest in holistic, organic alternatives and healthy, body-balanced approaches to lifestyle as well as hairstyles, Karri stocks Xpressions Arvada hair salon with an eye to providing top-quality, healthy and effective products. 


Hair and Beauty Products by NioxinNioxin is known worldwide for its science-based solutions for thinning hair.  A lesser known secret is that the moisture-intensive properties of Nioxin cleansers and conditioners make it a must-have product for Colorado hair.  Nioxin products plump the hair shaft and promote shine and elasticity, adding moisture without weighing down or flattening hair. Nioxin offers great products for chemically-treated hair to keep your color or permanent as effective as possible.   Nioxin also has great products for curly hair, to promote shiny curls not ugly frizz.


Hair and Beauty Products by AvedaYour style has to last all day and hold its shape and texture.  Aquage Biomega products are infused with Omega-rich emollients and other ingredients that keep hair healthy while also keeping it under control.  For today's spiky styles, beachy-textured straight looks, or geometric curves, we use Aquage styling products.  And if that isn't enough reason to love Aquage, they are also a significant contributor to breast cancer research -- an important way to support women.


Other products available at Xpressions by Karri hair salon in ArvadaThere's always some fun things at Xpressions by Karri in addition to our hair products.  In the mood for a new nail polish, skin cream, or a funky pair of earrings to show off your new short haircut?  You'll find it here at Xpressions by Karri - Arvada hair salon! Gift certificates available.

Get a little nanotechnology into your look.

When you think "hair salon" -- you probably think aesthetics: the right color, the right cut.  But many important trends in hair innovation are born in a science lab: solutions for thinning hair, limp hair, frizzy hair, too-curly hair, dried out or heat-damaged hair. 

As you go through different phases and ages in your life, your hair changes:  pregnancy, menopause, a move to a different climate, coloring your hair when gray begins to invade -- all these affect the condition, density and performance of your hair and might require a change in your daily game plan.  The right products used consistently make it easier to get your style on!

the Scientific Approach to Beautiful
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